George M.

I have been going to Carpenter's since they took over from Scanlan's. I am very satisfied with their work then and still am. When I need some repairs I will always go there. I have not been there in a while because nothing needs repair yet. When it does he knows I will be there.

Great things here! Larry treats me like he is my uncle!

We have been taking our vehicles to Carpenter's (formerly Scanlan's) since we moved here 11 years ago. Larry, Kevin and Eric go above and beyond to take good care of us as well as our cars. For example, once my old vehicle broke down outside of town and Eric called a tow truck and asked the driver to drop me off at my home on the way back to the shop.

I had discussed with them if it was time to sell my old vehicle and Larry went back in his computer system and calculated the amount of money we have spent on this vehicle in repairs. He concluded for us that he didn't foresee any big repairs looming and the vehicle still had plenty more years left in it. As Larry said, "...much cheaper than a car payment." And no, it's not because if we bought a new car that we wouldn't be taking it there. In fact instead of driving into the Mini dealership in Schaumburg to have our Mini serviced we take it to Carpenter's.

I've stopped in before to have them take a quick look at something and they performed a minor repair and said "no charge" for being a loyal customer. If I have ever had a concern after a repair they have followed through to my complete satisfaction. Kevin and Eric have worked with Larry since we began taking our cars there and are highly competent!!

I highly recommend Carpenter's!!!

I have taken my vehicles to Larry Carpenter for many years. Larry, Kevin and Eric have always done very well by me and I have never had to take a car back for the same problem. Never have I felt we were overcharged or taken advantage of. I can't say the same for some of the car dealerships in the area that I had dealt with previously. Larry has been able to work on Jaguar's, Chevy's, Dodge's and everything else that the family has owned. My opinion is that you would be well served by working with Carpenter's Auto Repair.

I've been a customer here for a couple of years with about 3 cars. The work that was done was excellent and less expensive than going somewhere else. I had the misfortune of having a car repaired elsewhere to the tune of 420.00...only they didn't truly fit the car. It continued to leak antifreeze and when I took it Carpenter's I was told that my 420.00 repair should have cost around 100.00 due to the fact that the part needed was only 15.00! I appreciate honesty and these guys really know their stuff.